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U3 19cm tall, Wrap Lip, Shouldered Square "BURKE'S// - //SCHIEDAM//SCHNAPPS" Dark Green, Star on Base, Crude Stretch Marks in Neck, hard to see small rear inner lip ding, mostly stained A$15
U4 23cm tall, Wrap Lip, Shouldered Square "MUELLER'S//SCHNAPPS/ AROMATIC//SCHIEDAM"// - //, Palest Green/Deep Aqua, Plain Base, Crude Twists in Neck, stained 30
U5 15cm tall, Wrap Lip, Shouldered Square "UDOLPHO WOLFE'S/SCHIEDAM// AROMATIC/SCHNAPPS//THIS BOTTLE ALWAYS REMAINS/THE PROPERTY OF/M.MOSS & CO. LIMITED"// - //, Olive, Large Recessed Circular Area on Base, Circa 1920's, fine diagonal hairline across plain panel, otherwise Near Mint 15
U6 18cm tall, Crude Wrap Lip, Shouldered Square "GOLDWATER/SCHNAPPS// - // SCHIEDAM"// - //, Black/Deep Olive, Plain Recessed Circle on Base, a few small edge nicks 45
U7 19.5cm tall, Wrap Lip, Shouldered Square "M.P.POLLEN/& ZOON//AROMATIC/ SCHNAPPS//SCHIEDAM// - //, Pale Green, Plain Circular Base Recess, inner phenyle stain 35
U8 13.5cm tall, Wrap Lip, Shouldered Square "J.H.HENKES//SCHIEDAM//SCHNAPPS/ AROMATICO", Olive, Plain Circular Base Indent, small flake at shoulder on "SCHNAPPS AROMATICO" panel, minor scuffs 45
U9 12.5cm tall, Wrap Lip, Square "A.v.H's ("AH" in Circle)/AROMATIC SCHNAPPS// - //A.van HOBOKEN & Co./ROTTERDAM", Olive, Plain Circular Base Recess, broken through lower body & repaired, showable on main side & a 'shelf ' example of a rare sample Schnapps 125
U11 26cm tall, Wrap Lip, Shouldered Square"M.P.POLLEN & ZOON" ....Pale Olive, Whittled, Near Min 35
U13 Large Size, Wrap Lip, Shouldered Square "E. & J. BURKE'S//SCHIEDAM//SCHNAPPS" Lengthwise, Blue Aqua, Circular Base Indent, Near Mint apart from a small flat flake under base of "SCHNAPPS" Panel 30
U14 20cm tall, Half Size, Wrap Lip, Shouldered Square "WHITE CROSS/AROMATIC SCHNAPPS//LUCAS LOCK & Co/AGENTS, SYDNEY// - //PUREST AND BEST/ MADE IN HOLLAND", Green, "M" on Base, Whittled, minor marks only 125
U15 23cm tall, Crudely Applied Wrap Lip, Shouldered Square "BALSAMIC/SCHNAPPS// - // - //SCHIEDAM", Deep Olive Amber, Circle on Circular Base Indent, very lightly dull 60