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S2 22.5cm tall, Wrap & Ring Lip, Tapered Cylinder "PLANET BRAND" (Planet with "PLANET BRAND" on Encircling Band), Olive Oil, Clear, "1505/A.G.M." on Base, small under front base flake, half cm crack near base at rear A$75
S9 27cm tall, Thin Slope-Shouldered Cylinder, "THE STONYFELL OLIVE OIL Co. LTD" - all Arched Downwards + "VIRGIN/OLIVE OIL/ADELAIDE" - all Horizontally, Blue Aqua, Whittled, minor scuffs & stain 25  
S13 22.5cm tall, Wrap & Ring Lip, Long Tapered Neck Cylinder "DAVENPORT/ OLIVE OIL/ADELAIDE", Blue Aqua, "A" on Base, 10% Remnants of Paper Label, dirty - not cleaned to preserve label remnants   10
S14 22.5cm tall, Wrap & Ring Lip, Long Tapered Neck Cylinder "DAVENPORT/ OLIVE OIL/ADELAIDE", Aqua, "A" on Base, 50% light stain, 2 x 1/2cm RHS fine diagonal cracks, 2cm rear horizontal crack near base  2
S19 17.5cm tall, c. 1850-60's, Early Worcestershire Sauce Style Lip, "FLOWERS PATENT" on Base, (Tapered Fluted Body, Neck Ring), Salad Oil, Hair Oil or Pepper Sauce, Aqua, lip edge chip, 20% stain 250

S20 17cm tall, Wrap & Ring Lip, Bulge in Neck, Shouldered Oval "LEWIS & WHITTY/MELBOURNE" Salad Oil, Hair Oil, or Pepper Sauce, Blue Aqua, Plain Indented Base, stained  45
S29 14.5cm tall - Sample Size -, Shear Lip, Cylindrical Salad Oil (Staired from Shoulders up neck, Ring at Neck), Plain Body, Clear/Aqua, some stain 40
S31 35.5cm tall, Wrap & Skirt Lip, Cylinder, (5 Vertical Columns of "stairs" + Raised Plain Circular Label Panel) , Green Aqua, "495" on Base, large shallow rear LHS under base flake,  small flakes off 4 rear "stairs", tip stain 25
S32 19.25cm tall, Band Lip, Shouldered Cylinder, Applied Seal "IMPORTED/PURE/OLIVE OIL", Black/Deep Olive Amber, rear LHS lip chip, small rear lip edge flake, minor scuffs 55  
S33 23.5cm tall, Ring Seal, Shouldered Cylinder, Applied Seal "THOMAS M. REES & SONS /HUILLE/D'OLIVE/BALTIMORE" - Last Word Illegible, Blue Aqua, Deep Base Kick-up, burst bubble on rear lower body, tip stain 75
S38 16.75cm tall, Band Lip, Ladies Leg Neck, Slender Tapered Cylinder, Footed Base (6 Shoulder Rings, 7 Rings on Lower Body), Clear/Pale Blue Aqua, minor marks 135
S39 19.5cm tall, Wrap Lip, Slightly Tapered Cylinder, "MANSELL/& WELLS/MILDURA" In Circular Form on Upper Body, Deep Aqua, Full of Bubbles, Base Kick-up, some stain 250
S44 17.5cm tall, Early Worcestershire Sauce Type Lip, Tapered Cylinder, (Body fluted, Neck Ring), Aqua, Base Embossed "FLOWERS PATENT", Circa 1850-60's, stained 200
S45 36cm tall, Wrap & Skirt Lip (6 Vertical Columns of Stairs/Diagonal Lines, Plain Round Label Panel), Salad Oil or Vinegar, Aqua, Pimple + "486" on Base, base edge abrasions appear to have been chips ground out, otherwise polished to Near Mint 125
S47 18.75cm tall, Thin Band Lip, Cylinder - Widest at Shoulder then Tapers in Towards Base (Neck Flutes & Shoulder Petals, Finely Fluted Body, Ring at Neck & Near Base), Blue Aqua, Olive Oil, Near Mint 100  
S48 13.5cm tall, Band Lip, Hourglass Shaped Goldfields Salad Oil, c.1850's, (Slope-Shoulders, Neck & Shoulder Rings, 8 Body Panels, 4 Concave Oval Indents on Bulged Square Base Roll, Blue Aqua, Pimple on Base, lip edge chip, minor inner stain & small strip of leached marks, but professionally cleaned & presents well  300
S57 21.5cm tall, Wrap & Skirt Lip, Slope-Shouldered Salad Oil (5 Complete Vertical Columns of 'stairs' + One Broken Column of 'stairs' Around an Oval Label Panel), Aqua, "464" on Base, minor marks only 8