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O6 10oz. Wrap Top, Gravitating Marble "PLUMMER, MURPHY & Co. STH. MELBOURNE" in a Large Double Oval (Castle)//"CALEDONIAN BOTTLE WORKS", Blue Aqua, lightly dull  250  
O9 10oz. Wrap Top, Kilner Patent  at Rear "F. OWENS/CORDIAL/ MANUFACTURER/ARMIDALE" (2 Large Dimples on Lower Body), "KBC" Monogram on Base, 5mm lip hairline, minor scuffs 170
O10 Like a Dumpy Codd, 2 RHS Tear Drops, but Cross Pinch does not prevent Stopper from falling to Base, "THE/PROPERTY OF/J. POWTON/93 ST. ANDREWS ST./NEWCASTLE" (Dragon in Large Star)//"BUYING/SELLING/OR USING/ THIS/BOTTLE/IS ILLEGAL" Aqua, some haze 75
O11 22cm tall, 10oz, Wrap Top, Bell Patent Complete With Stopper "ELLIOTTS/ RIVERINE/BREWERY CO/DENILIQUIN//(Bell Bearing "PATENT"), + "MELBOURNE GLASS BOTTLE WORKS CO." Near Base, Aqua, "X" on Base, minor scuffs only   135
O12 22cm tall, Similar to a Lamont, but (Fluted Shoulders & Fluted Lower 1/3 of Body) "SNOWDROP/J. LYON & Co." (in Script)/"MANCHESTER"//REGISTERED/& LIVERPOOL", Blue Aqua, "2096" on Base, Complete With most of a Lamont-Style Stopper, a few scuffs 75
O19 10oz. Wrap Lip "JENKINS & DAVIES/NUMURKAH" (Around a Large Diamond Bearing "J & D" in a Flag + "TRADE/MARK"//"THE BELL PATENT" (in Large Bell) +"MELBOURNE GLASS BOTTLE WORKS Co." Near Base, Aqua, Plain Base, scuffy 120  
O20 23cm tall, 10oz. Wrap Lip "LAMONTS"/(Cuffed Hand Upholding a Round-Ended Bottle)/"PATENT" All Lengthwise, Above "TRADE MARK" Horizontally, + "JOHN LAMONT MAKER GLASGOW" Near Base, Aqua, Plain Base, very dull & scuffy 5  
O21 22.5cm tall, 2 Tear Drops, 7 Strengthening V-shaped Bars on Marble Chamber "SHAW'S PATENT/6875/07 on Shoulder + "REDFEARN BROS/BOTTLE MAKERS/BARNSLEY" Near Base//W. WELLS & SONS/REGISTERED/(Demi-Lion on Crest Bar)/TRADE (Rampant Lion + Dots in Shield) MARK/RIPON", Strong Aqua, "R B B" on Bbase, chemically cleaned to Near Mint 65