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I26 26cm tall, Flared Lip, Applied Seal, Tapered Square Gin "FALCON BRAND" (Falcon on Branch) on Seal, Deep Olive, Whittled, sides have some scratches 175
I27 24.5cm tall, Wrap Lip, Tapered Square Gin "V.HOYTEMA & C", Dark Olive, pimple on Base, dull 30  
I35 28.5cm tall, Roll Lip, Free Blown, Tapered Square, Applied Seal "AH", Olive, Irregular Shaped Pontil Mark on Base, scratches on one side   55
I40 29cm tall, Wrap Lip, Tapered Square Gin "E. KIDERLEN" Lengthwise, Clear. Plain Base, lightly embossed, some stain, 4mm crack in RHS plain panel 15  
I41 21.75cm tall, Flared Llip, Half Size, Free-Blown Tapered Square Case Gin, Black/Deep Olive Amber, Numerous Little Bubbles, Pontilled Base, a few scuffs & minor stain on one panel 65  
I42 17.25cm tall, Wrap Lip, Shouldered Tapered Square Gin "JDKZ"// - //"THIS BOTTLE IS THE PROPERTY OF/JOHN DE KUYPER & SON/ROTTERDAM", Deep Olive, Pimple on Circular Base Recess, hard to see small crack in base corner, otherwise Near Mint 25