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H32 c.1860's Blobby Top Dump, All Brown Salt Glaze Impressed in a Rectangular Plaque Near Base "J.THOMPSON/ HARTSHORN POTTERY/DERBYSHIRE" rear inner lip flake, some wear 20
H63 2 Tone, Wrap Top, Champagne Shape "A.T.WATERFIELD/ ANDREWS ST., HORSHAM" ( in Large Double Oval) + "BREWED/GINGER/BEER" in Centre, EPSOM Potter, fine front vertical neck hairline, minor lip top digs 30
H90 26oz. All White, Champagne Shape "E.J.KIMPTON'S PARK ST. ABBOTSFORD" (In Large Double Oval, + "HOP/BEER" In Centre, Between 2 Horizontal Lines), Bold Stamp, Professionally restored near shoulder - top job - 2 minor rear under lip flakes, No Potter's Stamp 250
H91 26oz. All White, Champagne Shape "FRANKSTON SPRINGS, COLLINGWOOD" (In Large Double Oval, + "HOP BEER" in Central Horizontal Band with a Sea Creature Above & "ISLINGTON STREET" Below) Clearly Stamped, "EPSOM" Potter, fine crack down rear of lip into shoulder, the crack has been professionally disguised in the shoulder area, tiny rear lip edge flake 250
H96 Tri-Coloured Lip "JOS. HUNTER, HORSHAM" (in Large Double Oval) + "GINGER BEER" (& Ornamentation), in Centre, "EPSOM" Potter, professionally restored to show condition, scuffy Lip 650
H112 2 Tone, Champagne Shape "ROWLANDS" (Diagonally in Large Letters)//"YE OLD ENGLISH/(Large Shield Bearing "E.ROWLANDS/PROPRIETARY/LIMITED/ BALLARAT/ SYDNEY &/MELBOURNE/(Ornamental Horizontal Line)/GINGER BEER/ (Ornamental Horizontal Line)), No Potter's Mark, large lip chip on LHS around to rear, otherwise very good 10
H113 Crown Seal, Slope-Shouldered, All Tan "GINGER BEER"/"J. & E. CUSHAN, GUNNEDAH" (in Large Double Circle + Bee Pictorial & "BEE BRAND" in Centre), Potter - "R.FOWLER LTD./8/SYDNEY", crazing & hairlines, small RHS lip repair 120
H122 25.5cm tall, Glass Crown Seal, Shouldered Cylinder "IT'S/OKEY'S/BREWED/GINGER/ BEER/SYDNEY" in Large Letters Horizontally, + "1D. DEPOSIT REFUNDED/ON THIS BOTTLE" on Rear Shoulder, + 3 Lines of Print Near Rear Base, Amber, "AGM" on Base, crate wear on some letters, minor marks  20
H125 Blue Lip, Champagne Shape "THE T.C.S. NON-ALCOHOLIC BREWING Co. MELBOURNE (in Large Double Oval) + "YE OLDE ENGLISHE/STONE/GINGER/BEER/BREWED/TRADE (Monogram "T.C.S") MARK/REG" in Centre, Epsom Potter, lip top is chippy, 8cm RHS crack from neck to upper body - mostly at rear, a few small base chips 30  
H126 2 Tone (Nicely Double Dipped), Champagne Shape "STONE/GINGER BEER/BREWED BY/S. SLOAN./HAMILTON." All Horizontally, No Potter, large rear LHS lip chip, some crazing 30  
H127 2 Tone (Double Dipped), Champagne Shape "EGYPTA/EGYPTA PRODUCTS PTY LTD/MELBOURNE/BREWED/GINGER BEER" (All in Large Oval) + "EGYPTA" in Large Letters Sash-Style at Rear, No Potter, rear upper body kiln kiss, rear lip top chip & bruise 45  
H128 2 Tone, Champagne Shape "A.T.WATERFIELD/ ANDREWS ST., HORSHAM" ( in Large Double Oval) + "BREWED/GINGER/BEER" in Centre, EPSOM Potter, rear lip edge chip, very fine hairline from below rear lip down through RHS of brand - very hard to see, but there 30  
H130 2 Tone (Double Dipped), Champagne Shape "E. RIDE, BENALLA" (in Large Double Oval) + (Hanging Sheep in Sling, in a Shield)/REGISTERED TRADE MARK/CELEBRATED/GINGER BEER" in Centre, Epsom Potter, large rear lip chip, minor stain on shoulder 45  
H131 2 Tone, Champagne Shape "G.H. BILLSON/TRADE (Crossed Axes) MARK/G.H.B" (All in Shield)/ST. KILDA/BREWED/GINGER BEER" (All in Large Rectangle), Epsom Potter, numerous large lip chips, discoloured & rubbed body 15  
H132 2 Tone, Champagne Shape "R.HARRISON/SPRING ST. FITZROY" (in Large Double Oval) + "REGISTERED/TRADE (RH Monogram) MARK/CELEBRATED/GINGER/BEER/BREWED" in Centre, EPSOM Potter,2 rear base flakes, RHS crack from below lip to "S" of "HARRISON", large LHS lip chip 15  
H133 2 Tone, 'Bull Neck' Champagne Shape "GINGER BEER" (Horizontally Above a Large Heart & "MERBEIN CORDIAL WORKS TRADE (Bunch of Grapes) MARK") + "W.A.R. CHISELETT" Horizontally Below Heart, Pinnacle Potter, poorly repaired lip chips, some crazing mainly in neck 45  
H134 2 Tone, (Double Dipped) 'Bull Neck' Champagne Shape "GINGER BEER" (Horizontally Above a Large Heart & "MERBEIN CORDIAL WORKS TRADE (Bunch of Grapes) MARK") + "W.A.R. CHISELETT" Horizontally Below Heart, Similar to H133 but No Potter, 3 small kiln kisses, poorly disguised lip top repairs, 2 rear rust spots that would probably clean 75  
H135 2 Tone, Crown Seal "GINGER BEER" Above Large Double Oval Containing "REED BROS. BENDIGO"+ (2 Stars + "RB" Monogram + Ornamentation in Centre), Govancroft Potter, fine RHS rear lip top bruise, rust on front could be removed 25  
H136 2 Tone Champagne Shape "A. DEANS & Co. ARARAT" in Large Double Oval + "REGISTERED TRADE A.D. MARK/CELEBRATED/GINGER BEER (in Central Horizontal Lines)/BREWED/BARKLY ST." (+ Ornamentation), No Potter, small LHS kiln kiss, 5mm x 5mm RHS lip top chip/manufacturing fault - looks like it "popped" over a clay impurity, minor lip edge abrasions 30  
H137 2 Tone, Crown Seal "E. RIDE BENALLA" (in 2 Large Double Circles + 2 Rectangular Ornamentations Each Side), + "CELEBRATED GINGER BEER" in Centre, Fowler Potter, 9mm x 5mm chip on front lip 35  
H139 2 Tone (Double Dipped) 'Bull Neck' Champagne Shape "GINGER BEER" Horizontally (Above Large Shield Bearing "ALPHA.CORDIAL/WORKS/MILDURA"), Epsom Potter, large front lip chip + other lip chips, flat under base flake, would restore nicely 30  
H141 2 Tone, Blob Top, Dump "O.K. BREWERY, NORTH ROAD, MEDINDIE" (in Large Double Oval) + "O.K./GINGER/BEER" in Centre, "EPSOM" Potter, 2 large front base chips 15  
H142 c.1860's Blobby Top, Dump, Deep Chocolate Brown, Salt Glaze, Crisply Impressed in a Rectangular Plaque Near Base "J.THOMPSON/ HARTSHORN POTTERY/BURTON.ON.TRENT", 2 x small front + 1 x small rear base flake + 1 tiny front shoulder flake 25  
H146 26oz. 2 Tone, Champagne Shape "R. HARRISON SPRING ST. FITZROY (Ornamental Designs) in Large Double Ovals + "REGISTERED/TRADE ("RH" Monogram) MARK/CELEBRATED/GINGER BEER/BREWED" in Centre, No Potters Mark, only one small minor lip top graze otherwise Near Mint 160  
H147 26oz. Wrap & Ring Lip, 2 Tone, Champagne Shape "T.O. HUNTER BENDIGO" in Large Oval + "BREWED/TRADE (Running Greyhound) MARK/GINGER BEER" in Centre.  No Potters Mark. Manufacturing underglaze rear lip fault, 1.4cm x1.8cm rear lip flake, Displays Very Nicely 185