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NEW COLLECTABLES SHOP:  Shop 3, SEYMOUR ARCADE, 63-69 Seymour St., Traralgon, Victoria. 3844


  Specialising in: Antique Bottles, Tins, Australiana, Non-Fiction Aussie & Collector Books, Coins, Bank Notes, Coin Albums, Album Pages, Coin Holders, Coin & Note Catalogues, Badges, Collector Cards - AFL, Cricket, Basketball, Woolworths, Harley Davidson, etc., Old Post Cards, Blokey stuff including Garagenalia, etc.

NEW HOURS from 14 November 2016 :  Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

OPENED: Wednesday 6 August 2014.

Phone: Wayne on 0435587535 form 10 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday or (03)  5174 8050 after 6 p.m. or

Email: waynhbotl@yahoo.com

Note:  Digital photos are now available, on request.

The hundreds of old and antique bottles, books, etc. listed below constitute part of a collection assembled over more than 47 years.  Rarity terms have largely been avoided - the prices quoted (in Australian $'s) generally indicate rarity and desirability.  See also the "GIPPSLAND COLLECTABLES" shop details above!

Most bottles, jars, books, etc. listed are "one only", but duplicates in similar condition exist for a small number - when such an item is sold, the item may not display a "SOLD" sign.  Items can be reserved for a period of time, by arrangement, to enable payment - such items will display a "Reserved" sign .  Every endeavour has been made to carefully describe each item so that the purchaser has a very clear and accurate idea of condition.  If unsure, you can request a digital picture of the item.  The intention is  that you be spared unpleasant surprises.  In the unlikely event that the condition of an item has not been accurately described, a purchaser may return the item in "as sent" condition, properly packed, for refund of item cost.  

You are welcome to send me your "Wants" list, in case I can help you.  Families whose forebears used branded bottles, are also welcome to check with me, in case I am able to help locate bottles for you.

Experience at packaging for both Australian and overseas delivery ensures that you can order in full confidence that the item/s will be adequately and securely, yet economically packed.  Postage is expensive so this will ensure that you are only paying the minimum amount necessary for safe delivery to you.  You will never be charged for more than actual postage costs, unless you require registered postage or insurance, in which case actual costs for such service, will apply.

Happy collecting,

                                                        Wayne Harris  

                                                    The "BOTTLEOLOGIST" 

                                                      Email: ozbottles@yahoo.com.au

                                                                  Phone: (03) 5174 8050    

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