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C6 Sample Size Wrap Lip, "HARTWIG KANTOROWICZ/ POSEN", Milk Glass, Near Mint 145
C8 20.5cm tall, Wrap & Ring Lip, Cylinder (Raised Rib Each Side, 3 Tapering Neck Rings), + (British Registration Diamond on Base), Khoosh Bitters, Bright Amber, Whittled, shallow burst bubble & small ding on lower shoulder ring otherwise Near Mint 145
C9 23cm tall, Ring Seal, Long Neck Tapers In Towards Body, Shouldered Square, Chamfered Sides, "J.RUSSAK/FIRST PRIZES/LIVERPOOL/ADELAIDE/ BARCELONA/ BRUSSELS/ MELBOURNE/COLOGNE/BERLIN/JAMAICA/ DRESDEN", Clear, Plain Base With Large Central Circular Recess, stained 250
C12 25cm tall, Blob Top, Shouldered Tall Cylinder, Base Embossed "SAXLEHNERS BITTERQUELLE" Around Base Perimeter, + "HUNYADI/JANOS" in Centre, Dark Olive, Near Mint 12
C13 20.5cm tall, Wrap & Skirt Lip, Long-Necked Shouldered Cylinder "DR.J.G.B.SIEGERT & SONS" at Shoulder, + "DR.J.G.B.SIEGERT & SONS" on Base Perimeter, Dark Olive, 1 base chip, 1 skirt edge bruise, glossy 5
C14 21cm Tall x 9.5cm Wide, Early Salt-Glazed Brown Stoneware, Unusual Squat Square Body, Round Near Base & Round Shoulders, Short Ringed Neck, Cork Lip, Impressed In Large Double Circle Near Shoulder "BITTER WASSER PULLNAER" + "GEMEINDE PULLNA"  in Centre, Crude, extensive fine hairline on rear & sides, front displays very well, minor lip & base flakes 45
C19 22.5cm tall, Wrap & Skirt Lip, Rectangular, "HOOD'S/SARSA/PARILLA" Horizontally in 3 Front Recessed Panels, + "C.I.HOOD & Co// - //LOWELL MASS" Lengthwise in Recessed Panels, Blue Aqua "90" on Base, stained, a burst bubble on LHS front, a few marks 20
C21 14cm tall, Wrap & Skirt Lip, Rectangular, "HOOD'S/SARSA/PARILLA" Horizontally in 3 Front Recessed Panels, + "C.I.HOOD & Co L'T'D// - //LONDON ENG." Lengthwise in Recessed Panels, Blue Aqua "2" on Base, some stain, a few scuffs  20
C24 31.5cm tall, Wrap & Ring Lip, Long-Necked Cylinder, Khoosh Bitters (4 Shoulder Rings, Vertical Ridges on Opposite Sides) , Amber, British Registration Diamond for 1883 on Base, minor inner stain, small rear lip edge flake 275
C25 21cm tall, Band Lip, Shouldered Oval "TRADE/(Dog Holding Bird in Mouth)/MARK", "J.J.W.PETERS, HAMBURG" Under Base, Light Amber, minor stain & scuffs 120
C26 13oz. Ring Seal, Ladies Leg Neck, Shouldered Cylinder, Red Amber "HAU" Monogram on Base, Near Mint 35
C27 25.75cm tall, Ring Seal, Ladies Leg Neck, Shouldered Cylinder "HAU" Monogram on Base, Dark Amber, stained but no cracks or chips 15  
C28 24cm tall, Wrap Lip, Semi-Cabin Square "NEW YORK HOP BITTERS COMPANY" (American Flag), All Horizontally, Aqua, Plain Base, Superb, Near Mint 250  
C35 22.75cm tall, Wrap Llip, Chamfered Square "DR. BUCHAN'S/SARSAPARILLA" All Lengthwise// - // - // - //, + "FELTON GRIMWADE & Co//MELBOURNE" as usual, very lightly embossed on shoulder, Plain Base, polished, star crack on shoulder of one plain panel 300  
C36 24.75cm tall, Wrap Lip, Large Size, Semi-Cabin Square (American Flag)/"NEW YORK/HOP/BITTERS/COMPANY", All Horizontally, Aqua, Plain Base, small manufacturing spider crack on front shoulder impurity, two burst bubbles on L.H.S. plain panel, polished to Near Mint 350  
C37 23.25cm tall, Wrap & Skirt Lip, Semi-Cabin Square, All Panels Recessed (Hop Leaf & Berries, Stalk Sloping Down to Left) Lightly Embossed on Upper Body Panel + "DR. SOULE//HOP//BITTERS//1872" on Shoulder Panels, Black/Deepest Amber, "B" on Base, Near Mmint 300  
C42 24cm tall, Wrap Lip, Semi-Cabin, Square (American Flag)/"NEW YORK/HOP/BITTERS/COMPANY", All Horizontally, Blue Aqua, Plain Base, polished to Near Mint 250  
C47 24.75cm tall, Wrap & Skirt Lip, Squat Tapered Cylinder - Benedictine Shape "THE ROYAL TONIC & BITTERS" Around Shoulder (Horseshoe Shaped Device at Shoulder) + "W.S.GALBRAITH & Co Sydney in Circular Form on Base (Around a Triangle), Deep Olive Amber, light stain, no damage 650  
C52 22.5cm tall, Wrap Lip, Chamfered Square "DR. BELL'S LIVER &/KIDNEY BITTERS"// - //"DR. BELL'S LIVER &/KIDNEY BITTERS"// - // All Lengthwise, Aqua, Plain Base, some inner stain, a few scuffs & marks, small burst shoulder bubble above one plain side, one tiny lip edge nick 60  
C59 20.75cm tall, Internal Thread, Wrap & Skirt Lip, Slope-Shouldered Cylinder "MACK'S/LIMITED/HOP/BITTERS", Dark Green, "N & Co./(Pimple with Tail)/1827" on Base, small lip edge nick, small inner lip bruise, a few little base edge nicks, displays fine 75